Hi There! Nice to Meet you :)

My name is Rita, blogger, social media freak & food editor ♥ I have a huge love (and appetite) for all kinds of food. I wander, I cook, and of course I eat! ♥

I created this blog to capture, share and document my journey with fighting against food addiction while allowing myself to still you know… eat.

I’m passionate about:

Food (obviously): I specifically appreciate the beauty of food (more than the beauty of people). I love to cook, bake, try out new food and discover restaurants/hotels menus. I like to take food close-ups as well ♥

Healthy Lifestyle: You don’t need to sacrifice what you love in the sake of being in a good shape! That’s why I share all kinds of advice, lifestyle tips & recipes including the healthiest and the guilt-full.

Re-Eating came along because I’m a food addict (yes it exists) recovering from what caused me a very big problem and re-eating “normally’.  Although I love food, I realized that eating 24/7 (and always thinking about what to eat next) will do more harm to my body than good. This is why I stepped inside a dietitian’s office, made up my mind and decided to walk through a lifestyle that will last me forever. ♥

Of course I still LOVE Lebanese & International food! But I learned to cut down my portions to normal and am willing to share everything I’ve been learning or will learn with you guys. ♥

If you kept on reading this far, you’re awesome! I hope you can stick around ♥ Follow me on Instagram for food Inspiration you might not see on my blog! And for more Inspo you can check @naturallycooking food magazine where I share my love for food with a big family of food lovers ♥ See you around!