How to Post on Instagram from a Computer

You might be familiar with surfing Instagram from your computer but have you thought about POSTING directly from it?

Because some of us do not own great phone cameras and it’s a real pain to transfer pictures from our camera to our desktop, edit them then re-transfer them to our phone, here are 4 easy ways to post on Instagram from a computer that will save us both time and energy!


Sign in your usual account as if you’re about to surf Instagram then click on F12

The developer view should pop up but don’t worry this has nothing to do with developing.


When you do that, all you have to do is click CTRL + SHIFT + M and the Instagram feed will turn into Mobile view.


See?? Easy Peazy right?! Now just click on the camera icon and post the picture of your choice from your PC gallery but ALERT! There are no filters in this method so you need to post it as it is or pre-edited.


Go to Preferences then Advanced and check the box that says “Show developer Menu in Menu Bar”.

That done, open the private browsing window and then go to USER AGENT –> SAFARI –>IOS–> IPHONE

Open and click on the camera icon at the bottom of your screen to upload a picture from your desktop gallery.


Open and click on the Download button. This method works for both Mac and Windows.

Credits to Lebanon in a Picture

Create a Gamblr account and insert your Instagram details don’t worry it’s 100% safe otherwise I wouldn’t be sharing it with you.

Click on save to continue, Apply some filters, add a caption and tags then hit SEND!

Credits to Lebanon in a Picture


Download InstaPic from your Windows Store

After opening the app, you’ll soon realize that it’s similar to Instagram application on your phone!

Credits to Lebanon in a Picture

That’s a wrap ladies! Now put those phones on chargers, reach your computers and post, post post!

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